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Custom Development

Commissioning a bespoke website involves finding an expert in custom development; preferably one that achieves high-quality results, in a cost-effective way.

Each custom-created website we produce is designed to match the individual client’s daily business needs, long-term development goals and budget. That includes all the functionality you need now, and the ability to easily update and upgrade your scalable website as your business grows.

All with superb aesthetics, to position and promote your brand brilliantly!


Run Your Business, Better

Our highly skilled team at Healy Web Design will carefully listen to you and consider your business goals, before creating your custom website, and guiding you towards success in digital marketing.

For businesses, we design and customise professional websites

So, how can you get your website designed by the best web designer in Essex? It’s actually pretty simple! Our highly skilled and capable team has invested in their skills and experience, to make it easy, quick and cost-effective to get a custom website designed and built, without leaving your desk or armchair.

Modern websites are often far more that a ‘shop front’. Healy Web Design believes that the best ones offer authentic business support and control, including the ideal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and analytics tools.

We custom-build and design websites to make running your business a seamless and assured process.

User Portals

dedicated user portals for seamless host login and data retrieval.

Authorised uploads

quick, secure access to upload text, images and other data.

Advanced E-commerce

various online retailing tools and functions, including bundle selling from one stock allocation, and other tied deals for check-out pages.

Membership and general access

websites with access levels and communications linked to membership structures and permissions.

Learning Platforms

sites that enable users to log in and learn at their own pace.

Data Analysis

dedicated dashboards to enable quantitative and qualitative analysis of website user behaviour and actions.


User information upload systems, to support membership websites and general business websites that invite individuals to post text and images.

Vendor Platforms

Sites like E-Bay, Amazon, Etsy where users signup and list their own product for sale on your website, where you take commission on each sale

Complex search systems

Functionality to enable website users to create detailed search profiles, based on multiple fields, and get swiftly to a product/service match. Including custom development of sites capable of holding large amounts of data.

Secure split websites

Customised websites that enable general users to see key pages, but then allow only authorised users to engage with more detailed pages and tools, including query tracking systems.

Structured User Portals and Groups

custom-developed websites structured to guide site users to areas they have permission to see, based on intuitive security questions and streamlined navigation systems.


Your Online Business Starts Here

All custom-built websites we craft are also focused on the best ways to be successful in digital marketing. That includes giving you responsive, customer-focused pages with high SEO and XP values.

That way, you get a website that doesn’t ‘just’ attract traffic. It also attracts the RIGHT traffic and streamlines the way you convert leads into completed sales.


But What Does All This Mean?

Custom Projects (or custom developments) are parts you are requiring that is more complex and intricate.

This could be anything from wanting a front-end user portal where your clients/users can login and see information that you allow, it could be dynamic coding that will change and adjust automatically based on the current user (this could be by location, logged in, membership levels, products purchased or something they answered in a form).

It extends further than this to e-commerce platforms that need something different to a normal process or having multiple websites where if they signup to one site, it will register their details on your other websites and auto log them in.

In short, what ever you want, we run through an in-depth plan with you, providing ideas, concepts and possabilities and develop this to your requirements, goals and needs.


What’s Included In A Custom Web site Development

Would you buy a good-looking car with no engine?

Many off-the-shelf websites are great to look at but have poor (or no) ability to drive your business forwards.

Essex-based web design experts at Healy means knowing every ‘nut and bolt’ has been considered. You get all the functionality need, to create your ideal website. Including CRM tools, and a website user portal/dashboard that enhances your business development and growth.

Thanks to our technical expertise in building bespoke websites, you get measurable lead generation and conversion too.

So, what do YOU want from a custom-developed website? For instance, it could include:

General website designs

with built-in enquiry forms, booking systems, membership functions or live/bot chat features.

E-commerce website designs

with high searchability, easy-to-update product pages, multiple payment systems, instant stock notices and intuitive customer communications systems.

Specialist websites

for niche markets, with highly advanced functionality and control, including hospitality and leisure booking sites, and the best web designs for membership bodies, and recruitment agencies.


How To Get The Website You Need,
For The Price You Can Afford

The cost of custom-built and designed websites varies according to many factors. There is no ‘off the shelf’ package that meets all the business needs and ambitions of every client!

What we can say for sure, is that Healy Web Design has a superb track record for creating value-for-money custom websites, which then generate a substantial return on investment.

If you don’t see your requirements for a tailored website build listed above, fear not! Simply get in touch to discuss how to harness our experience, expertise and technical innovation, to your exact business goals.

Custom Development Project Example

Anything can be built, we run through details with you for your vision and goal and then plan this out into reality!

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