Web Design

We pride ourselves on offering a tailored service to meet the needs of your company. Building each of our websites from the ground up, we provide an array of options that help us to create a bespoke package for every one of our valued clients.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up or a long-established brand that lacks a little technological nous – we know exactly how to aid you moving forward. Working in tandem with you and your team, we can deliver everything from training on how to use your new website through to analytics, GMB, verifications, and directories setup services.

Healy Web Design & Development

Why Should You Need A Website?

A website is extremely important as it acts as a first impression to not only viewers but also potential customers. A decent online identity is just what you or your brand needs for the sole reason of greater publicity. However, getting a website might seem irrelevant to a few who believe that the process is time and cost-consuming. Honestly, the benefits of getting a website greatly outweigh the short-term concerns associated with it.

Having a website will surely attract potential customers to your business and directly increase your overall sales. You may not be available 24/7, but your website is always running! Therefore, your website acts as the primary source of customer attraction to your business.

Healy Web Design & Development

Webdesigner Essex & The UK

Irrespective of the services you choose, Healy Web Design is committed to going above and beyond for our clients, which is why all of our packages come complete with easy-to-use SEO. Simple for the client to view, manage, and edit, this helps to drive your web traffic and promote increased sales and visibility for your company moving forward.

If you’re happy with the results of this, it needn’t be a one-time thing. We also offer the chance to collaborate on a more long-term basis, courtesy of our SEO and advertising packages. Designed to increase your search engine listings, these are a great way to gain more online exposure for your business.

It’s not only those with no web presence that we can help. As you’ll have spotted, we can also perform redesigns for companies who already have a website. Making your online presence easier to navigate, as well as more professional and appealing to web users, we have had some very impressive results, with many customers reporting an almost immediate increase in both traffic and rankings thanks to their newly dynamic website.

Your Number 1 Invetment

getting a website is a great way to invest in your business. You will certainly notice a significant increase in traffic and sales for your business in the near future. Furthermore, websites are also known to save time in the long run. Taking calls, trading emails, or sending proposals to communicate with clients is surely time-consuming. Websites can be used to immediately answer common customer inquiries and questions; therefore, saving time and allowing you to focus on more valuable things.

Designing a website will only bring benefits to your business! You will not be disappointed by investing in a good online presence for your company or brand. Eventually, you’ll witness greater reach and increased revenue in the near future. 

Healy Web Design & Development


There are various perks and benefits that you would be availed of while working with us, which you might not get otherwise. Whether you’re looking to start a new business, expand your small-scale business, or re-invent your successful E-Commerce platform, the first thing that you are suggested to do is set up a new website or a re-design. We would certainly be honoured to benefit you with our high-quality web design services.

What Do We Do

If you need a website, we hope to aid you with our high-quality website design services. Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced web designers that are looking forward to showcasing their expertise while designing the perfect website for your business.

We design websites for various purposes, including marketing, E-Commerce, Dropshipping, and much more!

We also make sure you are verified and setup for search engines, we even push your website up for you so you start showing in search results!

Healy Web Design & Development

Website Design

Complete web design company handling every aspect of your project from start to finish

Healy Web Design & Development

Bespoke Development

Each of our projects are custom built tailored to your company and branding

Healy Web Design & Development

Domain Included

If you don't have a domain name, we can purchase this for you and configure this to our servers

Healy Web Design & Development


Having a website is no good if you cannot manage it moving forward! Our visual editor means you do not need any coding knowledge! ever!

Healy Web Design & Development


The backend of your website is straight forward, seamless and intuitive! Navigate around your website with ease and edit as you go!

Healy Web Design & Development


We will setup and integrate analytics so that you can watch your customers coming to your website, where they are coming from and what they are clicking

Healy Web Design & Development


Have a youtube channel or need to display videos? We got you covered with our easy video player that will engage your audience

Healy Web Design & Development

Chat Integration

Want to run a community, social network or even a support ticketing system? Yes this can all be developed into your site!

Healy Web Design & Development

The Copy

Don't have content? Not sure what to write? Do not fear! We can bring our copy writers on-board to handle your content

Healy Web Design & Development


All of our websites are compatible over every device! Never worry about whether your website will look good for your clients, it will look GREAT!

Healy Web Design & Development

Getting Online

A website is only 1 part of the whole development project, we don't just leave you there! We make sure that everything is setup, configured and verified for search engines so that you are in the search results!

Healy Web Design & Development


We live in a digital age and if your website is not clear and easy to use on mobile device then you are missing out! We always cross test all the devices to make sure you are consistent across any device

Healy Web Design & Development


Need to sell products online? We will build your e-commerce store for you complete with checkout and user portals

Healy Web Design & Development

Booking Systems

Our booking system will allow you to easily let your customers book and pay online. Never over book the same day again

Healy Web Design & Development

Custom Coding

Something you need but not quite sure? Client portals? Database? Automations? Custom scripts and layouts? Just ask us and we will let you know