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Having a website to promote your products or services is important. Having a website that performs well, and that starts selling products and services is even more vital!

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We pride ourselves on offering a tailored service to meet the needs of your company. Building each of our websites from the ground up, we provide an array of options that help us to create a bespoke package for every one of our valued clients.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up or a long-established brand that lacks a little technological nous – we know exactly how to aid you moving forward. Working in tandem with you and your team, we can deliver everything from training on how to use your new website through to analytics, GMB, verifications, and directories setup services.

Specialising in responsive e-commerce websites, we have a broad-ranging spectrum of services for you.

Are you ready to start selling products and services online, with a website created for success?

Contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion, and learn more about ways Healy Web Design puts your eCommerce business on track for profitable growth.

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Seo Built In

Irrespective of the services you choose, Healy Web Design is committed to going above and beyond for our clients, which is why all of our packages come complete with easy-to-use SEO. Simple for the client to view, manage, and edit, this helps to drive your web traffic and promote increased sales and visibility for your company moving forward.

Flexible Contracts

If you’re happy with the results of this, it needn’t be a one-time thing. We also offer the chance to collaborate on a more long-term basis, courtesy of our SEO and advertising packages. Designed to increase your search engine listings, these are a great way to gain more online exposure for your business.

Your Ideal Partner

It’s not only those with no web presence that we can help. As you’ll have spotted, we can also perform redesigns for companies who already have a website. Making your online presence easier to navigate, as well as more professional and appealing to web users, we have had some very impressive results, with many customers reporting an almost immediate increase in both traffic and rankings thanks to their newly dynamic website.

Website Design and Development! We develop Fully Responsive, W3C validated and SEO Friendly websites which helps you to grow your business easily.

UX Friendly Responsive Designs

UX friendly, responsive, and secure, Healy Web Design knows exactly how to create websites that you and your customers will love, and now we’re asking for the chance to show you what we can do. Offering a no-obligation quote and a 30-day money-back guarantee, plus free SSL protection with all of our packages, we’re confident that we can transform your online business to promote a healthy growth in both clients and sales.

Why not get in touch with us today to find out more? With a friendly and helpful team working away behind the scenes, we’re always happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.


Find The Perfect Plan For Your Business

Having a website to promote your products or services is important. Having a website that performs well, and that starts selling products and services is even more vital!

Starter E-commerce


Ideal for new businesses on a tight budget that needs to sell products or services quickly

Low start up cost
Domain & professional email
Upload products
List services
Manage categories
Full control over listings
Fast secure server
SSL padlock
Monthly core updates
£50 pm for domain, server, email, maintenance, updates and support

Pro E-Commerce


Everything a small or large business needs for a professional online store

Up to 3 professional email accounts
Upload products
Manage categories
Create, edit and manage products
Up-sell and Cross sell
Payment gateway integration
Clent area for payments and invoices
Facebook store
Fast secure server
SSL padlock
Monthly core updates
Live website reporting
Social product posting
Monthly search engine submissions
Monthly backups
24/7 UK support
£70 pm for domain, server, email, maintenance, updates and support

Bespoke E-Commerce


Need something more or have specific requirements

Bespoke layout
Domain & professional email
Fast secure server
SSL padlock
Create and manage your products
Create and manage categories
Client area for payments and invoices
Payment gateways integrated
Up-sells and Cross-sells
Social product posting
Facebook store
Monthly core updates
domain, server, email, maintenance, updates and support cost arranged on call


Award Winning E-Commerce Designer And Developer

At Healy Web Design, we build successful eCommerce websites – with a bespoke custom design and layout. Your website will match your business aims brilliantly, and it will also offer your customers the best possible User Experience (UX).

In other words, we don’t ‘just’ create websites that look appealing and memorable. They also have all the functions and features you need to guide site visitors through to your transaction page.

It’s called lead conversion. The process of grabbing your customers’ attention, and then seamlessly moving them along to a complete sale.

I never use templates in my websites, every single site I build is 100% bespoke to that client. This means that not only do the websites look amazing, but they are tailored made to each client’s individual needs, making it a perfect fit for them. 

What makes successful ecommerce website design?

This is something we’ve researched in-depth, keeping up to date with all the best ways to sell products or services online.

It starts with using the leading platform for bespoke websites – WordPress, with a woocommerce plugin.

‘Off the shelf’ website templates don’t come close to the advantages of a WordPress site – designed especially to make your business stand out from competitors.

It’s why WordPress currently supports 26% of all websites. (In one six month period, over 1.1 million domains were registered to new platform users.)


Each of the affordable eCommerce website levels offered by Healy Web Design unlocks the full potential of this world leader. As well as the transactional efficiency of woocommerce.

Responsive website design

Around 50% of your customers shop online using their mobile phones. That figure grows annually.

Yet, not all websites work well (or look good) on smartphones!

Healy Web Design creates responsive websites for eCommerce ventures. This means your website performs just as well on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop. Opening your sales potential up to 50% more customers!

Other benefits of an online store from Healy Web Design

Explore the different cost structures to find a price level and website design package that fits your business aims and budget.

Easy to use ecommerce websites

Advantages they all share include PayPal as part of our seamless transactional systems, alongside PayPal, we can integrate Card Payment Systems such as Stripe. They also include email accounts and SSL – the security hallmark that gives your customers confidence in your online shop.

Updating our impressive online stores couldn’t be easier too. Putting you firmly in control of your eCommerce venture.