Build Organic Reach SEO & Advertising

From: £140.00 / month


Build Organic Reach SEO & Advertising

From: £140.00 / month

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To build your websites performance, there are several areas that need to be tackled.

  • Sub Pages: sub pages need to be added into your website to increase your visibility in search engines and to capture search terms
  • Blogs: blogs (or called “posts”) are additional blog pages that are added into your website, this type of seo will capture ‘Long Tail Keywords’ for your company, generate interest in your social media sites and push ‘New’ articles into search engines.
  • Google: the above types of seo are ‘Organic’ seo, these will increase your Domain Authority and website presence organically but it does take time. The best practice is to have your Organic seo running at the same time as your Paid advertising. Paid advertising is instant. We will have you showing up on page 1 of google within 24 hours whilst we still work on your Organic Reach (which is the best way forward)
  • Facebook: whilst building on your paid and organic reach, we advise to include Facebook Paid Advertising so we gain click through’s from several areas and really get your Brand Awareness going. Facebook adverts will not be processed through healy web design at this moment in time but will be an area we will branch into soon.


We create your sub pages for you, we create your professional posts and publish them for you, we will setup and manage your google advert if you choose this option. We do not handle your facebook advert, this will need to be setup by yourself. We will be branching into this area soon so stay tuned for when we will handle your facebook advert.

Like any business, whether it is online or brick and mortar, you are not going to get seen unless you put in the work to get seen. The online requirements for today are constantly growing and will be better to start early than to leave it too late, playing ‘catch up’.

We have several different packages to help with your marketing budget and as your website grows, we advise to increase your marketing budget to stay inline with your growth.

Organic seo can take time, it is our job to prove to search engines that you are an ‘active’ company, that you are publishing ‘relevant’ content for the ‘search engines’ customers (remember, these customers are search engine customers, not yours!) and generate that interest over social media.

Search engines are going to display results based on their algorithm, basically, if you are not pushing out blog posts, no paid advertising, no social media content, interesting articles, generating backlinks and so on…. then why are search engines going to display you??

Search engines have to determine what company is best for ‘their’ customers (the search engine customers) otherwise if they are displaying results that are constantly getting ‘bounce backs’ then the search engines customer is going to leave and use a different search engine, this is why we need to provide a consistent, informative and engaging marketing plan.

Sub Pages are additional pages that get added into your website but hidden from your front end view, meaning customers that go onto your website will not see these pages in your menu but they have a keyword rich content. The sub pages gets ‘indexed’ into search engines capturing keywords and will display in search engine results increasing your online visibility and performance.

Blogs or Posts are articles written professionally by our team, it will have 400 words that will be rich in keywords, seo and engaging content. These posts can be pushed over your social media sites or used where ever you would like. The posts will be published accordingly to your package: ie: if you choose 2 pages and 2 posts, then they will be delivered every 2 weeks, if you choose 4 pages and 4 posts then they will be delivered weekly.
This is a great way to create content on your social media sites and start conversation with engaging topics about your company, they will also have high placement in search engines when published and generate a wide reach of keywords.

If you wish not to have the google then we can work on your organic marketing plan, we do advise its best to have your organic and paid running at the same time to generate an instant visibility whilst still working on your natural organic reach.


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