Seo Services


Our SEO plans are tailor-made for your site, industry and targets. Our SEO services not only improve the position in search results but ensure that your site remains at the top.

When you have good content SEO will suddenly become much simpler. Less about stuffing keywords and links and more about creating content that people actually want to share and find.


Find The Perfect Plan For Your Business

If you are looking for a trusted and experienced developer to help you with your website, Healy Web Design is the right place for you!

Starter SEO

6 Keywords

£295billed monthly - 30 day contract - cancel anytime
Monthly link building that will bring real traffic and increase domain authority. We build links through a variety of sites that signal trust and authority. Each link will be related to your niche with well placed outgoing links with mixed natural anchor text.

advanced Seo

10 Keywords

£580Billed monthly - 30 day contract - cancel anytime
Everything included in started Seo package with in-depth monthly optimisations to the meta descriptions & titles, HTML markup, keyword placement, images, landing page creation, page speed and structure.

Get Me Seen Quickly

15 Keywords

£950Billed monthly - 30 day contract - cancel anytime
Everything in starter seo and advanced seo package with an added layer of high quality DA backlinks, domain placements and social signals to boost your Domain Authority


Award Winning Web Designer And Developer

We help get your site exposure by building organic links and accelerated links through guest posting and establishing an online profile of authority. While avoiding poor blackhat methods such as personal blogging networks (PBNs) and other spammy type links which will likely lead to a Google penalty.

If your content isn’t relevant to your targeted search terms then you won’t ranking for them. Improving the site content and structure of content is essential to ranking your site for your target search terms. We review your site content to make sure that it is relevant and portrays your business in the best possible way, not just for search engines but for your potential customers.