IT Management Consultants

Custom Development Project

Behind The Scenes

The Problem

ITSM People are IT Management Consultants and were looking for a complete website re-design to simplify their current website, keeping it clean, stripped back and consistent with their branding guidelines.

They also wanted a custom built ‘Data Analysis’ with a User Dashboard.

It Started With Their Website

Building a clean and stripped back website to highlight and showcase their services, packed with a full CRM to store client information, form submissions and automated email follow-ups

Phase 1

Building a front-end submission where users can signup and complete their company details

Phase 2

Development of a back-end User Dashboard that allows them to login and view their results over different quarters along with comparisson of years

Phase 3

Building of all the reports into Spider Charts that gives the ‘Logged In’ user to view their submissions in a breakdown of different sectors

Phase 4

Build in a ‘Consultation’ into the User Portal for the current user to seamlessly book a date and time with ITSM People for a free consultation