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If you are looking for a trusted and experienced developer to help you with fix and update your website, Healy Web Design is the right place for you!

Bug Fix


Do you have a problem with your WordPress website and not sure how to fix or where the error is?

Scan your website to identify the problem
Take off-site backups from start to finish
Make sure your theme and plugins are performing as they should
Check for any malicious files and bugs
Remove bugs safely and update any theme / plugins that may be causing harm (replacing with our own)
Make sure your PHP is configured correctly


£500up to 5 pages

Is your website slow to load? Do you find it doesn't display well on Mobile Devices? Need to improve your Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?

Analyse the cause of error
Report into SEO, Keywords, DA and PR
Replace your theme from scratch (lightweight and fast)
Analysis on your plugins to remove/replace heavy loading
In depth SEO on your pages and linking
Mobile compatible re-design
Personal advise on moving forward and building your Domain Authority


Award Winning Web Designer And Developer

While WordPress is really easy to use, there are some common WordPress errors that can make you panic. Most bugs will come from your theme and/or your plugins (poorly coded or gaps for hackers). With any bug fix, we need to identify where your problems are coming from, taking an in-depth look into your entire platform. Most cases we are able to find and remove the bugs but in extreme cases we would advice you to come onto our WordPress Bug Fix and Maintenance package to stop any future problems occurring. This will put you onto our safe and secure server where we will manage for you your security, updates and ongoing problems and support ensuring you are on the latest platform.

With updates, again these come from poorly coded designers that have not taken the time to implement speed, mobile compatibility or seo when designing your website. Google and other search engines take speed, compatibility along with many other factors into consideration when displaying your website in their results page. Don’t get left behind, act today and start building your Domain Authority to push you up in search results.