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Why redesigning your website could be a smart move

In today’s digitally-led world, having a successful website is essential. Not only does it allow potential customers or clients to see what you’re all about, but it can also give your business a real edge over the competition.

But if you don’t keep on top of it, your website may lose its effectiveness. This is why getting a fresh new web design may be a smart move. There is a wide range of reasons why you should consider redesigning your website.

To make sales

Let’s start with the big one. As well as being a big part of your marketing and advertising, your website should be one of the main places you can convert sales.

Whether this is from customers purchasing products or services, or putting them directly in contact with sales staff, it is arguably the website’s most important job.

The digital world is constantly evolving so it’s easy for your website to fall behind. Maybe the design has become outdated, or your SEO has taken a hit. Whatever the case, you can’t allow your website to suffer, especially if eCommerce plays a significant role in what you do.

With this in mind, getting a new web design could really give your sales a boost.

Optimise your mobile site

Studies have shown that eCommerce mobile spending is likely to overtake desktop spending by 2023. In 2019, mobile traffic accounted for up to 41.66% of all web traffic in the UK, showing just how important it is to get your company’s mobile site in order.

Even if your main desktop website is functioning at a high level, it doesn’t mean your mobile site is. This is another area in which a new web design can help.

If your business is not capitalising on this traffic then it’s likely your missing out on a whole host of potential sales.

Modernise your site

You want your business to look credible and professional, which is why the way your site looks and navigates is so important.

If it’s not easy on the eye or is clunky or slow to use, customers aren’t going to stick around for long.

But by giving it a simple yet effective design that compliments the ethos of your brand, you’ll be on the right track.

This is particularly important for startup companies who are looking to break into the market at an unpredictable time.

Custom landing pages can also be created to modernise your site, giving people more opportunity to find out what you do and how you can meet their needs. All of this can easily be achieved by getting your website redesigned.

There are a huge number of ways in which getting a new web design can enhance your business, and the tips outlined here are just the tip of the iceberg.

Healy is a web designer in Essex who can create bespoke sites which are compatible on all devices and can give you the edge. Get in touch by calling 07952 947 140 or complete our contact form for a quick response.

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