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Why investing in a website will transform your small business

Whether you own a startup company or an established small business, it might be easy to think a website is a high cost, non-essential item. Word of mouth is always a powerful tool, but a website can boost this even further. If anything, a website is the most cost-effective marketing tool you can invest in, as it works for you 24/7. Healy Web Design offers high quality, professional and affordable website design, and below are just a few of the ways it can transform your business.

People turn to internet searches first

Google receives 3.5 billion search queries per day; that’s 40,000 every second! Having a professional website will make you visible when people are looking for products or services that your business provides. Even if people are already aware of your business, chances are they will still turn to an internet search first to find out essential information such as your contact details or opening hours.

E-commerce opportunities

If you currently don’t sell your products online, investing in a website with e-commerce capabilities will no doubt increase your sales and profit. Even being able to offer an online appointment booking system for your services can increase demand as consumers consistently want the quickest options available to them.

Increase Website Credibility

You may use social media to promote your business, but adding a high-quality website to link your social platforms to will significantly increase your business credibility. Your own website will enable you to further harness social media advertising opportunities too, potentially increasing your income even further when your social media channels are integrated into your website. Your website can also be a fantastic platform for customers to leave reviews, further boosting your word of mouth, credibility and rankings in internet searches.

Personality and authenticity

Chances are, your business offers something more bespoke and special than large scale companies, and a website that reflects this can help share your unique personality and voice! More and more people are looking to support independent, smaller businesses, and a website that is as bespoke and unique as your business sets the tone and shows who you are. Consumers are far more likely to invest in your product and services if they can connect with the story and people behind the brand.

Website Digital expansion

A good website can also enable you to create a customer mailing list, giving you the opportunity to email out special offers, new products or services and build a relationship with your customers. This relationship-building will keep those customers far more engaged and loyal to you. Your website could also include a news or blog section; another great tool to share your business stories and keep customers updated and engaged.

Essex-based Healy Web Design can bring your dream website to life and have the expertise to create a beautiful design with key technical integration such as Google Business and Analytics to ensure your website works hard for you. To find out more about how the team can bring your bespoke, professional website to life, get in touch today.

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