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What Is A Brochure Website?

A Brochure site gives your company or product a Web presence and acts as an online version of a business card. Brochure sites convey a sense of permanence and credibility to your customers, and also provides them with valuable information, such as contact details, opening times and a way to contact you.

The Benefits of Brochure Sites

Whether you like it or not, customer expectations dictate that businesses, regardless of size, require a Web presence. A Brochure site is the most cost-effective way to achieve this goal and they can help to drive sales through your existing channels (whether they are telephone-oriented, physical premises, or both.)

Brochure sites also enable you to ‘test the water’ for a relatively small investment – to gauge how successful your business would be online with a more extravagant E-Commerce system or Web Application in place.

As a small business owner, you should be aware that a brochure website is simply a “snapshot” of the goods and services that your business renders.

Do You Want a Brochure Website … but you STILL want Google rankings?

Now that Google is placing a lot of focus on LOCAL SEARCH RESULTS, it is now more possible than ever to create a small, brochure website and STILL get good traffic through being listed under the Google “My Business” or Google “LOCAL” results.

The combination of a small, brochure site coupled with a Google Business page can be all that you need to get found.

As a rule Brochure Websites will NOT get found on Google ORGANIC searches – or any other search engine unless you grow the website over time. Therefore if you are considering a small, brochure-style website you might want to consider how you plan to direct traffic to the website. This could come in the form of acquiring, strong links from other websites, Chambers of Commerce, associations that you may be a member of, etc. You could also advertise in magazines or online to send people to your website. Just know in advance that very small, brochure websites simply do NOT have the content needed to outrank the websites that appear in the top ten search engine rankings. All of the top ranked websites are simply large, content-rich websites.  Knowing this ahead of time will save you a lot of frustration and money as far too many web developers are not “painting a true picture” of what is needed for websites to rank well.

A Brochure Website does not necessarily mean a “small website”. In fact there are many of what we would call “brochure websites” on the internet that might be as many as 500 pages of content. For example, if an architect wanted to display all of his house plans on a website, it is possible to create a HOME PAGE, ABOUT US, SERVICES, CONTACT US and perhaps 400 floor plans and that would constitute a 404 page website. However it would basically be an online “brochure” that simply showed his house plans.

Others would classify a brochure website as a 1-5 page website where the company wishes to simply have “a presence” on the internet – but not necessarily one that can be found on the search engines.

Healy Web Design can implement a small, brochure-style website for you and provide you with the CMS / BLOG / Page Creation tools that will allow you to grow your website past this initial small-website stage yourself. It’s really quite easy to manage and this solution provides small businesses a way to get a gorgeous looking website up and running and then, in time, allow you to gain some rankings for only £250

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