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Video’s Impact to Improving Your Site Experience

Stop and consider the ways the internet has changed since its inception. At first, pages were just some simple text with a plain background. Later, people began adding images, then animations until we got to the dynamic and interactive content of today.

Videos are the next movement people make toward experiencing the online world. When someone is on a break or browsing on their smartphone, it’s easy to watch a short video clip to better understand a concept or company.

How Does Video Help a Website?

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2022 Content Marketing and Visual Storytelling Survey talked to professional marketers and found 73% of companies feel videos are more important to their campaigns than ever before.

Even though the digital spending on video advertising is on the rise, not all campaigns are as effective as others. How can you ensure your efforts have an impact on your site visitors? What can you do to track progress, encourage new leads and improve brand awareness through your videos?

1. Engage Users

Videos give your site visitors something to do. They grab attention. For those who don’t want to read or are in a hurry, they can click on the play button and view basic information quickly. Videos can also serve to enhance content already there, backing up claims you’ve made for example.

Source: https://careers.grilld.com.au

Grill’d uses video to show how much fun some of the jobs at their restaurants are. They have a careers section of their page with details about working for the Australian chain.

2. Build Trust

Studies show around 97% of consumers read online reviews before buying from a company for the first time. One way you can build trust with people landing on your page for the first time is by adding video testimonials. Letting your customers speak for you may be more powerful than anything you can say about a product yourself.

3. Set the Tone

Using a video as part of your hero image can help set the tone for your site. When people land on your page,the first thing they tend to hone in on is your headline. However, whatever you have playing in the background sends a message as well. It can make them stay a bit longer and read through more of the content on your page.

Source: https://www.wilsonart.com

Wilsonart uses some truly beautiful video shots to show off their products. You’ll see some images of their surfaces in various settings, such as their high pressure laminate in a commercial kitchen or an office setting.

4. Increase Viewing Time

Keep people on your page longer when you give them something interesting to do. Increasing the time people spend on your page reduces your bounce rate and can help improve SEO. How much more of your site does someone take in if they’re there for 10 minutes rather than 10 seconds?

5. Highlight Top Benefits

One way you can grab site visitors and turn them into leads is by showing off the benefits of your product or service. A video lets you use an image to say a lot more than you can with a few words.

Source: https://paroskiteanapnoe.com

Anapnoe Resort is a beautiful resort in Pounda Beach, Paros. Some of the features that make the location unique include intimate rooms and breathtaking views. The video shifts from people heading out on a hike to those lounging in chairs on the patio. In a few short clips, they sum up the different activities one can participate in at Anapnoe.

6. Explain Complex Topics

Some products are rather technical. Getting the customer to understand how the product or service solves their problem isn’t an easy task. An explainer video might help them see how you can fix their pain point and make it better.

The use of sound, text and images lets you illustrate those complex topics, add in graphics to show percentages or statistics and help the viewer completely understand what your product does.

7. Show Some Personality

Adding a video message from the founder or a spokesperson gives you a chance to put a personality to your brand. If you’re a fun, hip company, then you might hire a popular young star or someone local that’s well known to speak for you.

You can also tap into the power of influencers, using their videos on your website and having them introduce your product and why they love it. As a bonus, the content can also go on social media. Some businesses choose to appoint brand ambassadors to speak for their company.

Source: https://www.oamskin.com/

Ciara, the founder of On a Mission Skincare, shares some of her favorite products from her own skincare routine when you land on the page. She’s beautiful with clear, vibrant skin and a natural glow that immediately makes people take to her. You feel sincerity and passion coming through in the video. She’s the perfect spokesperson because she adores her mission and her products and it shines through in her words and expressions.

Should You Add Video to Your Website?

Video may help you rank higher in search engines, it gives you something to share on social media and it engages your site visitors. There are more reasons to add video than avoid it. Start small with a single attempt and see how your readers respond. You can easily track which videos have the most impact on your target audience.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a digital marketing agency before becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and pup, Bear.

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