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Top 5 Jobs for a Midlife Career Change if You Are Not Happy With Your Job

Many people are afraid of making a midlife career change. Most workers find it hard to go outside of their comfort zone and embrace changes. However, adapting is what allows employees to move forward. In 2020, the work landscape has changed, and for many recently unemployed individuals, making a career change has become the only option.

Demand for tech skills is increasing, and the future of work seems to be getting more “digital” as the days pass. If you want to stay competitive, you’ll either need to learn new tech skills or switch careers. If you’re in your 50s or younger, these job alternatives are still suitable for you as you seek better job opportunities.

Software Engineer

Becoming a software engineer is a great choice because the salaries and perks are exceptional. They have many responsibilities on their shoulders, but employers let them know their efforts are worth it. In 2020, software engineers in the US made between $65,000 and $127,000 per year. Companies like Microsoft also provide workers with the right perks. At Microsoft, software engineers get benefits like health insurance and a 24-hour nurse line that provides them with support to make health care decisions.

Microsoft also provides workers with perks to help them improve their skills and stay relevant. Their 401(k) benefit allows workers to make plans for the future. Employees can start saving for retirement on day one.

To become a software engineer, you should consider joining Rithm School’s coding bootcamp. Rithm School offers a software engineering program that’s available both in-person as well as online. So, no matter what your needs are, there’s always a course available for you.

Rithm school is among the best coding bootcamps in San Francisco. By learning through experience, students can get hired with no problem. Their software engineering course covers in-demand programming languages like Python, SQL, and React. With these languages, after graduation, you’ll have everything you need to get a new job.

Android Developer

Becoming a mobile developer is an excellent option since mobile apps have become essential for selling products and services. They have allowed companies to increase customers’ satisfaction and provide better services. Android is the world’s most popular Mobile OS, and it owns more than 90 percent of the market. Learning Android development skills will help put you on the path to success.

To learn Android development skills, you could join General Assembly’s coding bootcamp. The company allows candidates to learn from experts in the field and get equipped with the fundamental knowledge to impress employers. At General Assembly, you’ll learn by building real mobile apps. And you will add value to your toolbox by learning in-demand programming skills like Java and XML. General Assembly provides career changers with guidance and resources to help them explore a new career as a developer. 

JavaScript Full-stack Developer

JavaScript is a must-have programming language for every full-stack developer. It’s exceptional for creating dynamic sites, and it’s quite handy in front-end and back-end development. JS frameworks make professionals’ jobs much easier because they can save time on coding. Consequently, they can implement better practices and provide results faster.

JavaScript full-stack developers are in-demand because they can design and maintain complex web apps that help companies keep their customers around. A JavaScript full-stack developer can make an average of $113,034 per year in the US. So if you want to make a career change and land a six-figure job, learning JavaScript is a great start.

If you want to learn JavaScript coding, you can take some online courses. But it might serve you well to enroll in a vocational school. Kenzie Academy is one of the best coding schools in the US, helping students become coders in just 52 weeks. At Kenzie Academy, you’ll learn not coding skills and computer science concepts used in building apps. Kenzie Academy offers many financing options to help students focus on learning and relieve financial stress. Hence, the money won’t be a barrier to start your new learning process. 

Data Scientist

Learning data science skills requires dedication. Data scientists deal with large amounts of data every day. They have to create actionable insights to help organizations make better decisions. Gaining data analytics and machine learning skills is a must. Becoming a data scientist is an excellent option for a midlife career change because of the high salary and good benefits. Data scientists can even work from home, meaning they are able to spend more time with their loved ones and achieve a better work-life balance.

If dealing with data is what makes you move, you can enroll in Thinkul’s coding bootcamp to become a data scientist. Thinkful’s data science course is available to full-time or part-time students. No matter which program you take, you’ll receive support from a career coach, a private mentor, and an academic success manager.

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