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Three reasons why building a web presence is so important today

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has had a prolific effect on the way we source products and services, and this is unlikely to change. More and more people are turning to the internet to find what they need, so it’s absolutely essential that businesses and startups establish an online presence now. Even if you offer a service and do not sell products, having a presence online will still increase your chances of being seen. Here are three smart reasons why a web presence today is so important.

1. Potential customers can find you easily

Today’s shoppers are more online savvy. If they’re looking for a product or service, they will go online and do their research first. If a business hasn’t established a web presence, then they are missing out on opportunities.

Example: You own a startup company that delivers bread, pastries and cold meats. A potential customer has just received news that she has family arriving. She needs items quickly to make fresh sandwiches. So she uses her smartphone to search for bread in Dunmow and your website is displayed in the search results. She browses your website, sees that you are able to provide her with what she needs and places an order.

2. Showcase your products and services

A website is a shop window, so establishing an online presence provides businesses with a powerful platform to showcase what they have to offer. It could be an online shop, with great photographs of your products, or a simple blog covering topics which relate to the services you provide.

Example: Mr Jones is planning on having his kitchen refurbished. He wants to keep his oak wooden flooring but it’s seen better days and needs freshening up. He searches for a professional sanding company in his local area. He clicks on your website and is able to view your portfolio of previous projects and testimonials from clients. This forms a really good impression of your business, so he contacts you to inquire about the work he needs completing.

3. Shout about your brand

Social media is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers. Not only do social media sites provide cost-effective marketing opportunities, but you can build relationships with customers who then share and spread the word about your business.

Example: You’re a company based in a rural location supplying locally produced meat and vegetables. You want to offer a delivery service during COVID-19, but how do you let people know? You decide to try Facebook ads, which are targeted to users based on their demographic, location, and profile information. Although it can take time, the ads result in more people enquiring about your services, increasing interest in your brand and boosting your reputation.

At Healy Web Design (https://healywebdesign.co.uk/services/web-design/), we are passionate about all things digital. We build cost-effective websites with features that include responsive design, device compatibility, Google Analytics, and more. Find out more by contacting a member of our team today.

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