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The Ultimate Accounting Firm Branding Guide

As an accounting business owner, one of the things that you should focus on other than crunching numbers or creating balance sheets is branding and marketing. It can help you build a strong brand identity and establish a good reputation in the industry. Once people start becoming familiar with your company name and graphics, you can reach out to more potential clients and experience quick growth.

Branding elements such as your accounting logo design, website, imagery, fonts and tone of voice can be critical to spreading awareness about your business and increasing recognition. By using them effectively, you can create an impactful brand identity and a positive perception in the minds of the audience regarding your services.

If you are wondering how you can make this happen, here is a complete branding guide for your accounting firm that has everything you may need to know.

The Ultimate Guide to Accounting Firm Branding

In a highly competitive industry, you have to try and make a strong first impression on the audience from the beginning. According to a report, it takes people only ten seconds to assess a brand and form an opinion about it. So you have a very small window to catch the eye of your audience immediately and engage them on various print and digital mediums.

These are a few things that you should start from.

  • Your Logo or Brand Symbol

If you think about it, the logo of your accounting firm is going to be one of the first things that people notice about it. By choosing a suitable color palette, design, fonts and typography, you can come up with a relevant brand symbol that sends out the right message. Take the example of two of the biggest names in the accounting world, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and BDO USA.

Both the firms have logo designs that are recognized all across the globe and make their mark instantly. PwC has opted to go for a wordmark paired up with blocks or geometric shapes in various colors of yellow, red, orange and pink. On the other hand, BDO USA has a simplistic and powerful lettermark with half a border around it.

Image Source: Wikimedia 

Image Source: Wikimedia

The blue and red color combination is highly effective and appeals to the eye anywhere its displayed. For the accounting industry, blue, black and red are popular choices for logo due to the traits they represent or are associated with. Blue for instance represents security while black shows authority and red stands for energy and passion.

It is important that your accounting logo, like the ones above, is professional, clear-cut and highlights your brand values of credibility, reliability and quality of service. So you should try and come up with a design that requires minimal upgrade over time and looks attractive on the website, social media networks or billboards and brochures. 

  • Brand Colors

Eventually, the colors you pick for brand or company will be associated with it for years to come. Its why, you have to consider the choice very carefully and select a scheme that makes people think of your business when they come across it. According to research, using the relevant colors consistently on digital and print platforms can increase brand recognition by almost 80 percent.

Your brand colors can be used in the logo, your website and for marketing and promotion. So you have to choose those which represent your firm in the best way possible and send out the message that you want. Consider this for a moment. The blue and white brand colors are the primary brand colors chosen by KPMG and have become closely associated with the company over time.

Similarly, Grant Thornton has gone with a unique choice of purple that is prominent in their logo and on the website as you can see below. It has helped them stand out in the industry and represents accessibility and sophistication. Both the firms have opted for impactful colors that showcase their work, professionalism and personality.

Image Source: grantthornton.com

  • Fonts and Typography

Just like the logo and colors, the fonts and typography are also a crucial part of your branding. There are many ways that you could go wrong with the typeface and fonts in your brand identity design and website. So you have to make sure that you choose those which not only represent your company but appear attractive as well.

Usually, accounting firms can prefer clean and modern Sans Serif fonts which are minimalistic and keep the focus on the design or headline. Take the examples of the accounting firms below. RSM Global and Crowe have opted for contemporary fonts that make their logos look elegant and highlight the objectives of the two companies as well.

Basically, Sans Serif fonts like Galano or Futura can be used to tell people that your brand is progressive and open to change over time. With a clear-cut typography that keeps the focus on what you are trying to convey, you could make your brand memorable and create a lasting impression.

Image Source: rsm.global  

Image Source: crowe.com

These are some of the things that can help you with your accounting firm branding. If you pay attention to all these factors, you will be able to come up with a successful branding strategy that could increase your reach and revenue.  

Wrapping Up

When it comes to creating a brand identity for your accounting firm that connects with potential clients instantly, you have to put in considerable effort and time. Your logo, brand colors, fonts and imagery are powerful visual elements that potential clients that you can use to promote your brand on the website or in print. So you have to make sure that they connect with people instantly and can be remembered later on.

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