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The Six Traits of an Exceptional Services Page

A services page is a bit different than a typical landing page. You must highlight all the services you offer while convincing first-time site visitors you’re capable of completing the work in a timely and quality manner. While the elements on your page differ based on your offerings, some things stand the test of time.

According to a survey, 86% of site visitors want to see info on a website’s products and services. Your services page is part of the buyer’s sales journey. It should lead them through the funnel and provide information so they can make an informed decision.

Knowing what visitors expect from a services page helps you meet expectations. We will look at the top six traits of an exceptional one and provide a few examples of companies taking their pages to the next level. What should you include on a service page?

1. Identify Your Audience

Start by telling them who your ideal customer is. What do all of your clients have in common? What is the common denominator that drives people to choose your services over a competitor’s?

If you don’t already have buyer personas in place, now is the time to create them. The language you use, the pain points you solve and all other elements tie into who your audience is. You’ll know which benefits to highlight when you understand your user.

Metaverse offers consulting in 3D/XR strategy. They explain they want to unlock spatial computing for everyone while keeping the technology aspects clear to anyone who lands on the page.

2. Define Your Categories

For most B2B companies offering services, there are several areas they focus on. Take the time to write out the different services you offer. Come up with six to eight categories they fit under. Think about the type of buyer who goes for each kind of service, so you can customize any subpages to match each user group’s needs.

Illuminated Integration does an excellent job breaking its services into categories. Users can go directly to the one they need or easily see the company is a full-service firm, offering multiple levels. Note the relevant images matching each category.

3. Explain Your Services

How you explain your services may mean the difference between gaining a new customer and driving them away. Use layman’s terms to describe each one.

The better people understand what they get with each package, the fewer questions your sales staff will have to field.

Keep in mind people do business with you and have certain expectations of the final results. If you spell them out in your descriptions, there won’t be any confusion. You can then exceed those expectations and gain a customer for life. You may also gain some positive word-of-mouth marketing from happy customers.

4. Sprinkle In Testimonials

Someone coming to your page for the first time has no reason to trust you. They’ve likely never done business with you before and have no idea if you keep your word or not. One thing you can do to convince them of your trustworthiness is offering proof.

Proof comes from reviews from happy customers, testimonials and professional organizations such as the BBB.

Wrike shares a customer service testimonial on their page to showcase how well their product worked for customers. People are much more likely to listen to their peers than to the company. Somewhere on your services page, be sure to include some proof of your services. It will go a long way toward convincing leads to sign up.

5. Add Pricing

Make your pricing easy to find and understand. The last thing a potential client wants is to hunt around for prices. Making them share their information for info may drive some away. Of course, there are some industries where you must provide a free quote. Each job is different from the next, and a base price structure isn’t helpful.

Many software as a service (SaaS) companies can easily offer base packages with a note about custom options. Think about many of the web hosting companies out there and how they list their prices. It keeps them competitive because people know what to expect.

Coverall needs to provide a custom quote because each office space is so different. However, they do offer a ballpark to show you what a basic package runs. A general estimate is an excellent way to share pricing without locking yourself into a rate too low for the job at hand.

6. Use a Call to Action

What is the purpose of your service page? It’s likely in the final portion of your sales funnel. People know about you, and you’ve taught them the services you offer and why they’re stellar. Now, it’s time to get them to take action and convert into customers.

A strong call to action (CTA) drives movement. It takes a site visitor to a lead by providing the next step. Your CTA should be short, to the point and use active words. Note the CTA in the case study above for Coverall and how it reads “Get a Free Quote.”

Think about the action you want users to take and how you can highlight the ways clicking on your CTA benefits them.

Get Feedback

The best pages are a team effort. It’s difficult for one person to catch every typo and error on a page. If you can get feedback from team members, leadership and even customers, go for it. The more eyes you have on the page, the better you’ll be able to tweak it to suit your clients’ needs.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a digital marketing agency before becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and pup, Bear.

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