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The Benefits of Using Ionic Framework for Hybrid App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are an exponentially growing market in the tech industry. With the increasing number of users globally, large tech companies like Apple and Google and even individual mobile developers like the Ionic developer have been continuously producing responsive and high performing apps for this enormous tech market. What has been increasingly in-demand over the past few years are apps capable of running across different mobile device platforms.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid apps are built using web-based technologies – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – that are also capable of harnessing device-native processes and features. Hybrid apps run on the device web-view and can be perceived as native apps. Because they run on web-view, hybrid apps have a single codebase capable of running across different platforms and provide high-quality performance.

Ionic Framework

Ionic is an open-source front-end web and mobile development framework. The framework is equipped with an extensive library of tools and extensible plugins to build high-performing and high-quality web and mobile apps. The Ionic framework focuses on providing tools for optimized front-end UX/UI processes and emulates native app environments and processes.

Benefits of Ionic App Development

There are several major reasons as to why your hybrid mobile app development should be done with the use of the Ionic framework.

Platform independent framework.

Ionic Framework is built upon the combined technology of AngularJS, Apache Cordova, JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS. With these technologies at its core, Ionic can adapt to the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML requirements of different platforms. This core structure enables an Ionic developer to build flexible and fit-for-all-platforms mobile applications.

Easy to learn web development framework.

Because the Ionic framework is built using most popular programming technologies – JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and AngularJS technologies – there is no shortage of learning tools and platforms available. Its modular and configurable nature enables the basics and development concepts of the Ionic framework to be learned easily. Learning the basics of its foundational technologies, especially AngularJS and Cordova, will also go a long way into easing developers into the practice of Ionic app development.

Extensive plugins and UI elements.

The Ionic framework has numerous default CSS and JavaScript objects and models that can be used and reused in hybrid mobile app development. For the mobile developer Ionic objects and styles are modular and are easy to integrate and configure into the app development. The Ionic framework also has diverse Cordova plugins that can be used to integrate various tools – such as camera, GPS, and others – into the mobile app and deliver the necessary features and functionalities required.

Diverse capabilities for integration.

The Ionic framework comes with an extensive library of modular tools that can be configured according to needs. The Ionic framework has built-in Angular tools necessary to build fully-functional progressive web applications. The framework also allows for avenues for integrating any of the comprehensive Cordova and Capacitor plugins to augments the application being developed. Cordova plugins enable an ionic developer to build mobile-ready applications using platform-independent web technologies. These plugins can be used to better facilitate data and information flow, add tools and functionalities, or improve application performance for optimal user experience.

Fast prototyping.

A development turnaround is critical in any application development. With a framework capable of providing the environment and tools – UI templates, modular tools, and extensible plugins – the resources required for hybrid mobile app development, like time, operational costs, and effort, are reduced. Prototypes are built, evaluated, and improved faster when developing using a compact and comprehensive framework like Ionic.

Convenient for quality testing and assurance.

Testing is convenient because hybrid apps developed with Ionic framework work through web view and browsers. Testing uses the device’s current web browser without the need for external testing apps or devices. Browsers have built-in debugging and testing tools that make the testing process more manageable and efficient for a hybrid app with an Ionic framework developer. For Angular component testing, Angular CLI is available for use.

Supportive development community.

Because the Ionic framework is an open-source web development technology, it has a large and active community. With over 5 million developers contributing to improving and expanding the Ionic framework, any Ionic framework developer or hybrid app developer can find support and clarification regarding concerns or issues with the Ionic framework.

Build Hybrid Apps with Ionic App Development Framework

With its modular structure and tools, hybrid mobile app development with the Ionic framework is efficient, scalable, and configurable. With its capacity for integrating extensible Angular, React, and Cordova plugins, Ionic framework expands the possibilities of developing out-of-the-box and cross-platform hybrid mobile apps. It is also easy to learn and adapt to hybrid mobile app developers. When you hire Ionic developer services, take time to check their skills and experience with hybrid mobile app development!  This ensures that you get the best possible Ionic developer for your project.

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