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SEO Marketing: How to Improve Your Presence on Google

To improve the Google ranking of your business website, you need excellent search engine optimization (SEO). Managing SEO is a hefty task for many business owners. However, you can implement a few best practices that can help steer traffic to your business website. Over the years, Google has established itself as a global information hub, and this is where consumers go to find answers to questions, learn about the world, and find products. This provides your business with a golden opportunity to interact with potential customers. Here are a few excellent ways to improve your presence on Google.

Optimize Your Titles

The title is the hyperlinked text of your webpage that appears in the search results. Headings are crucial in search engine ranking because they are the first thing a user looks at when scanning through the results page to see the most relevant result to click. To enhance your site’s SEO, add titles to every page that need to be:

  • Concise: Search engines only display a maximum of 75 characters of your title tags in their results.
  • Compelling: Your title should be eye-catching to users looking for the information on your webpage.
  • Accurate: Your title should clearly show what the page contains. Avoid making false promises to lure in the users.

In HTML code, the title of your webpage is the H1 tag. Google looks at this tag, then properly indexes, categorizes, and delivers your page for the appropriate searches.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are short paragraphs that appear beneath the page title in Google. Although search engines don’t consider these when determining page relevance, it is an essential way of telling customers why they should visit your website. After the title, it is the most likely thing your user will look at.

To avoid a situation where the search engine will use a less relevant piece of text when serving up your page, you need to write these yourself. Meta descriptions should not contain over 160 characters and should naturally incorporate the focus keyword.

High-Quality Content

One of the best ways to improve your search rank and increase traffic is to have high-quality content. Content marketing is viral because it generates six times more conversions for companies that use it. Your content needs to be developed for both users and search engines. Thus:

  • Research your audience, keywords, and relevant topics.
  • Use keywords in your meta tags, header tags, and content.
  • Promote your content through industry influencers.
  • Publish your content on a fast and responsive website.

Studies show that you can enhance your search engine rankings by publishing skyscraper content. This is a complete guide for your users answering their initial questions (such as how often they should change their engine oil) and the follow-up questions (such as which engine oil to use). For example, if you live in Essex and if you are not a great writer, you can get your web content written by the best SEO company in Essex or your current locale.

Writing content between 1,000 and 2,000 words can also aid search engine ranks. However, ensure every word, sentence, and paragraph offers real value to your readers.

Loading Speed

Google values website speeds. Another crucial factor related to popularity and relevance is how user-friendly your site is. And this has a lot to do with the speed of your site. Finding the perfect web hosting company can have a tremendous impact on your web speed.

If your website loads slowly, your visitors will abandon you quickly. Slow websites tell Google that your site is not relevant to your users’ queries, and this immensely affects your page rankings. So ensure you are paying top dollar for excellent hosting and not the starter pack.

Creating an SEO-friendly website is an excellent investment for your business. Increased web traffic translates to more sales and a robust online presence that is beneficial for your business. Building a resilient online presence cannot be achieved in one day. So, start with these tips, then figure out your next steps in the journey to establishing your business as an industry leader.

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