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Is your website up-to-date?

This can be in terms of appearance. Many web designs were created when searches were mostly conducted on a desktop or laptop device. Now, it’s more likely that a tablet or mobile phone will be used. Original designs can come across quite poorly when this later technology is used, so it’s vital to make sure your web presence is fully accessible across all devices.

Up-to-date in other ways

The main thrust of this blog is about being in-the-moment in terms of the content you are delivering. Around this time of year is very much a case in point. Conduct a web search in the early part of January and you might often find that Christmas greetings have not yet been removed from many sites! Try again at the end of the first month of the year and notice how many sites are still wishing you a Happy New Year.

There are many other ways of inadvertently appearing to be behind the times. Such errors include showing sale offers after the time period for the event is past. On other occasions, you might search for a product, then when you try to purchase it, you discover it is no longer in stock. Equally, you find that a service you are interested in is no longer provided.

Working in the present

With the pandemic, it’s of even more importance that visitors to your website can learn the current position – what you can and cannot do. If you don’t tell them, assumptions might well be reached that can see you lose potential business when this shouldn’t happen.

So, across all these aspects, it’s so important for your web presence to be in and of the moment. One that seems as if it has been neglected will not encourage potential customers to interact with you.

Here at Healy web design in Essex, we can craft bespoke and compatible sites to give you that competitive edge. For an obligation-free discussion of what can best work for your business, simply talk to us now by calling 07952 947 140.

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