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How to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

For those who are new to the online world of business, the
conversion is the act of transforming a website visitor into a customer.
Naturally, if you are not in the retail business, a conversion for you would be
a user participating in a survey or an opinion poll. Since your revenue depends
on positive conversion rates, they are an element that you need to dedicate
your time to improve. With that in mind, here are some strategies to help you
improve your website conversion rates.

Observe from customers’ POV

If you wish to attract visitors and turn them into
customers, you need to make their user experience flawless. Your website is the
face of your brand and it needs to reflect your brand identity loud and clear.
Being surrounded by a multitude of information, people have less and less
patience so If your website is not organized well, they will abandon it without

The users need to be able to navigate through the website with ease, so a user-friendly website is one of the most essential elements in keeping the visitors satisfied and turning them into paying customers.  The website’s organization needs to be intuitive so the quicker they find the desired piece of information, the bigger the chances they will purchase the said item.

Integrate CTA buttons

Customers rely on CTA buttons to help them find their way
around the website. Gingerly placed CTAs can make a great difference in the
conversion rates since they are the ones that drive action. They have a strong
impact on the sales rates but need to be aligned with the rest on the website
design so you need to find a seamless solution.

Some pieces of advice include adding CTAs which instigate some sort of emotional reaction, a feeling of liking of enthusiasm. Make sure that the command word is attention-grabbing and that the audience is given a solid reason to click it. Also, most effective CTA buttons lead to special offers or promotions so it would be good to also incorporate numbers as well in terms of the amount or percent of the discount and so on.

Opt for the right colors

It might not sound like one of the key points but the
website’s color palette is vital for a quality user experience. Flashy colors
popping up create an impression of an untrustworthy website where anything you
click is a virus, so you need to think in terms of how your brand’s colors fit
into the website. Also, make sure you avoid colors which strain users’ eyes,
such as neon shades since those will stop them from going past the initial

Also, the colors can contribute to messages so they need to be well incorporated with the content. If you are not certain on how to go about the colors or other elements, to find a hassle-free website design solution, you can always speak to Healy Web Design. The good thing with employing experts is that we have enough experience to help you with other business elements, such as marketing.

Include a chatbot

Your FAQ page can be a piece of art but website visitors are
notorious for disregarding it and needing concrete answers from your customer
service agents on the spot. However, in order to provide them with quality
service, your customer support agents have to cover a reasonable amount of job
and not waste time repeating things that can be plainly found on the website.

This is where chatbots come into the picture because they
can be there as the first line of defense to direct the users towards certain
areas of the website or to give them direct answers to standard questions. And
in case they have a complex issue that needs to be handled urgently or an
untypical query, then they can reach live agents who will have the time to
dedicate themselves fully to aiding them with any doubt they have. 

Increase the loading speed

Imagine searching for a piece of information and opening a
few tabs during the research. What would you do if one of them is too slow to
load? Well, turn it off, of course since you obviously have a wider choice so a
slow website is not something that you need to put up with.

Just for comparison sake, 47% of customers expect a webpage to load in less than 2 seconds which means you have but a second or two to grasp their attention and make them decide for your product or service. You can check your website speed as well as get some pieces of advice on how to increase it by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. You will soon notice a change in the conversion rates once you take care of this segment.


Increasing traffic to your website is an important piece of the puzzle but you need to make sure that those users will remain on your website and ultimately, purchase what you offer. For that to happen, you need to make a concoction which will appeal to the sense of aesthetics, something that would make them engage with the website and get answers as soon as possible. Not to mention that they mustn’t be kept waiting. So, by applying the right strategies you will enhance your customer base and consequently increase your revenue.

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