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How to establish a good online presence: making your website informative, reactive and accessible

A website needs to be informative, reactive and accessible if it’s going to benefit your business. With this in mind, let’s look at them individually so you can appreciate how important each factor is for your business.


It sounds obvious when we say a website should be a useful and accessible source of information. But sadly, this isn’t always the case. The key is to completely focus on providing details, content and subject matters that those who are likely to visit your website will want to see.

Many websites tend instead – usually inadvertently – to focus on whatever the company wants to tell people about their business. An extreme comparison: it’s the person you meet at a party who spends all the time you’re with them talking about themselves. You’re probably subconsciously edging away from them while just reading that last sentence!

The key is to fully appreciate how potential customers would actually use your product or service; plus the reasons they would have for doing so. Finally, you need to understand the outcomes they would be seeking to gain. Then, you can present the parts of the product or service information which is needed to prove your case. By doing that, you will have created truly informative content for your website – and the same thought process is also vital for your social media activities.


Using content in the way suggested above is just one part of delivering a reactive website. You need to ensure your website is easy to navigate too, taking your potential customer on the journey that you both want them to make.

Equally, another part of reactivity is being as close as possible to the interaction offered in a physical store or business. Offer ways, such as chat boxes, to quickly answer online questions. Make it a given that you will swiftly respond to any Contact Form requests. It’s also possible to be proactive, for example, by including helpful guides about the use of your products or services. A simple-to-understand FAQ section can also help in this area.

Here, there and everywhere

Gone are the days when people simply sat in front of a static screen to access the web. Now, it’s vital to have a website which works seamlessly across all communication devices, whether the searcher is using a mobile or tablet, or perhaps even a laptop. Older websites tend to be fine on a desktop but, frankly, they are of little use on smartphones.

Indeed, not having a flexible and responsive web presence, fully accessible wherever people are, can make a business seem dated. Start-up companies are often at an advantage here because they have a vibrant and flexible web presence from day one.

How we can help establish the web presence your business needs

Our friendly and professional Healy Web Design team are ready to create a bespoke website design, responsive over all devices, whether for a start-up or as a revamp for an established company. Talk to us, obligation-free of course, on 07952 947 140 or complete our Contact Form for a quick response.

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