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How Can E-Commerce Businesses Enhance Their Packaging for the Holiday Season?

The holidays are almost here, and with the anticipated e-commerce market boom, it is essential to prepare for increased orders. Expect consumers to flock to your online store and go all out to send gifts to relatives and friends.

One way to prepare for peak season is to enhance your e-commerce business’s packaging. If you are ready to impress customers and receive repeat orders, now is the time to strategize to win more sales.

What Is the Significance of E-Commerce Business Packaging?

Beyond its primary role of protecting the products during shipment, packaging has various importances for e-commerce businesses.

Branding Purposes

Packaging plays a major role in branding. If you have an opportunity to differentiate yourself, product packaging is one method to implement. With a well-designed package, you increase your chances of making your business more memorable.

If it is a design that aligns with your business’s personality and core values, customers will remember that. Therefore, you make them more likely to return to your company because you stand out from the competition during a busy holiday season.

Logistics and Operational Efficiency

Packaging is also crucial for efficient logistics and operations. In e-commerce, businesses deal with hefty volumes of shipments each day. If you speed up the process, you must ensure you get orders on their way while still meeting your packaging standards.

Additionally, packages you design to fit products snugly reduce the risk of damage during transit. This reduces the amount of returns customers may initiate and enhances customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Perception

Lastly, the aesthetics and functionality of e-commerce business packaging are crucial in customer perception. In fact, 90% of the customer’s perception of an item and its packaging relies on color. When a customer receives a visually appealing package that is easy to open, it creates a positive unboxing experience.

This experience elevates how customers view your brand and makes them feel valued. It sends a message that the company is attentive to details and cares about its products and, by extension, customers.

When you provide a delightful unboxing experience, you convert one-time buyers into lifelong customers. They will even advocate for your brand, spreading positive messages and attracting more customers.

Tactics for Enhancing E-Commerce Business Packaging During the Holidays

Now that you know the importance of e-commerce business packaging, consider some of the following strategies to implement during the holiday season.

1. Incorporate Holiday-Themed Elements

One of the ways to enhance your e-commerce business’s packaging during the holidays is by incorporating holiday-themed elements. Many e-commerce businesses embrace festive designs because they add a fun touch. With the spirit of festivities in tow, your designs will resonate with customers during the holidays.

Some ideas for holiday-themed packaging may include limited-edition illustrations, seasonal color palettes or festive ribbons and stickers. Yet, while it may be tempting to go all out with the holiday cheer, it is crucial to ensure these elements align with the brand’s identity.

The goal is to merge the festive spirit with the essence of your brand, crafting a holiday-themed package that is joyous and unmistakably “you.”

2. Add a Personal Touch

Today, customers expect more than a product from you — they crave an experience. Customers want brands to acknowledge special occasions with holiday greetings or messages in their packaging because that is what they expect.

However, adding a personal touch to the packaging benefits your e-commerce business. It deepens that connection with your customers and shows appreciation for their orders. This fosters customer loyalty in the long run, significantly boosting your bottom line.

To infuse a personal touch, your brand could consider handwritten thank-you notes or personalized holiday messages. You could also incorporate QR codes that lead to exclusive holiday content or a personal voice message.

3. Offer Gift Wrapping and Packaging Options

As the holiday season rolls around, many customers intend their e-commerce purchases to be gifts. Therefore, offering gift wrapping and packaging options is crucial. It saves shoppers time and effort, making their buying experience convenient and enjoyable.

Plus, it allows businesses to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Simultaneously, e-commerce brands cater to customers’ needs, ensuring their brand is top of mind for future purchases.

When introducing these options at checkout, consider offering classic gift wrapping. You could offer various paper designs, ranging from festive motifs to elegant minimalist patterns. Personalized tags or ribbons also enhance the packaging. Allow customers to add names or short messages for a personal touch.

4. Add Extra Value to Your Packaging

During the festive season, e-commerce businesses seek ways to stand out. Many brands do this by enhancing their packaging with value add-ons like promotions or discounts. These incentives serve two purposes.

Firstly, they thank the customer for choosing the brand among a sea of options. Secondly, they act as magnets for repeat purchases. When you include a special discount or an exclusive promotion, you plant the seed for future transactions.

When adding promotions or discounts to your packaging, ensure they are easily visible and presentable. Consider using elegant discount cards tucked into the package or QR codes that lead to a special holiday deal. Ensure the promotion has a clear expiration date so customers act quickly.

5. Show Your Commitment to Sustainability

Today’s consumers are conscientious about their purchases, especially with sustainability. Therefore, the transition to eco-friendly packaging is more than a trend — it is a responsibility your business must uphold.

It’s especially important during the holiday season when consumption is at its peak. With gifts being exchanged globally, the environmental impact of packaging becomes a pressing concern. Savvy consumers are aware of this, and environmental ethics are driving their purchases.

According to Shorr’s 2022 Sustainable Packaging Consumer Report, 47% of respondents expressed willingness to pay a premium for products with sustainable packaging. Moreover, 89% stressed the importance of recyclable packaging in their purchase decisions. 

As an e-commerce business owner, you have various sustainable packaging options at your disposal, such as recycled cardboard boxes or packaging filled with biodegradable fillers.

When choosing sustainable packaging, ensure the material aligns with your brand’s sustainability goals. At the same time, the packaging should also be functional for specific products. Consider collaborating with suppliers who provide certifications of sustainability. You’ll ensure an authentic commitment to being eco-friendly.

Increase Sales in Your E-Commerce Business With Enhanced Packaging

Packing is one of the most overlooked aspects of operating an e-commerce business. However, it is an important tool to have in your arsenal, especially during the holidays, since competition is fierce. Yet, with thoughtful and strategic packaging, you can differentiate your brand, cultivate loyalty and amplify sales.

To implement these packaging tactics in your e-commerce business, ensure you understand your customer’s expectations. That way, you can incorporate strategies that resonate. Remember that it is all in the details, and creating memorable unboxing moments is the key to pushing your business forward.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a digital marketing agency before becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and pup, Bear.

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