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Do You Sit For Your Work? How To Make It More Comfortable

When you are at home, you have a tendency to dominate the couch. Armed with a drink, a snack and the television remote, you cannot resist putting your feet up and staying put for the evening. In like manner, you are not the type that wants to move around a lot at work either. You prefer to remain seated as much as possible, but your work-related seating options are not quite as comfortable as when you are at home. Here are a few ways to make your seating options at work comfortable too.

A New Office Chair

When seated behind your desk, you often get sore in your lower back and shoulders from sitting in your office chair. This has been going on for quite a while now. What you have always wanted was a tall-backed, leather-padded chair that provides padding in all the right places. While this might be a more expensive option than your current chair, it is definitely worth replacing your current office chair for one that gives you more support and makes your back feel better after putting in a full day’s work.

The Right Cushion

Sometimes sitting at work for long hours can really make you stiff and sore. Getting your hands on the right cushion could change all that. Some cushions are great for providing a little extra padding. Other cushions can apply heat to your body while you are seated. Some cushions can even take the pressure off your lower back by providing a massaging or shiatsu option for additional comfort.

Add a Couch to Your Office

Sometimes it is not quite necessary to stay fixed behind your desk at the office throughout your entire shift. With that in mind, you were thinking that it might be nice to have a couch or sofa to spread out on from time-to-time. This option will not only make sitting around at work more comfortable for you, but it will also be more comfortable for meetings with clients and colleagues by helping them to feel more relaxed.

Unconventional Seating

Not all jobs keep you stuck behind a desk for hours on end. Trucking, for example, has you sitting for lengthy periods of time behind the wheel of a big rig. ISRI seats are an industry favorite that can make your time sitting behind the wheel more enjoyable. If you can’t sit in a normal office desk you can consider a yoga ball, a standing desk, or a kneeling seat. There are so many office chairs to choose from.

Feeling More Relaxed at Work

With new seating options, you are finding that it is far easier to get through your shift at work. Sitting for hours on end no longer leaves your lower back feeling like it is sore and bent out of shape. The great part is that you do not find yourself trying to readjust your body every few minutes just to achieve a modicum of comfort. In a word, your seating options at work are truly sublime.

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