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7 Examples Of Service Page Designs That Work (And Why)

Your website serves as your online storefront, so you’ll want it to provide the best possible impression of your business. And its design can have a huge impact on this.

Your service pages are perhaps the most important elements of your website. They’re where you’ll outline what services you offer in detail so potential customers will get a good idea of what you can provide them with. 

To help you develop the design of your website’s service pages, I’m going to show you 7 examples of companies that are already getting this right. So, you can take away some inspiration that will help your website to stand out from the crowd and earn you more sales. 

Slack shows what it’s like to use their platform

Slack is an online messaging platform that’s been designed to help you communicate with employees, colleagues, and clients. It allows you to have one-on-one conversations with members of your team and also lets you create channels to discuss different topics. 

The great thing about their service page design is that you can see exactly how the platform works. They give you a pictorial representation of what the tool is and, instead of struggling to use words to explain its intricacies, they decided to just show prospective customers exactly what it’s like to use Slack.

People don’t like uncertainty when they’re looking to commit to a new system, so Slack’s method is genius. If people can see exactly what they can expect from using your service, they’ll be far more likely to pay for it there and then. So, taking inspiration from Slack could really help to increase your conversion rates

FreshBooks gets its CTA buttons just right

FreshBooks is a company that specializes in providing small and medium-sized businesses with accounting software and resources. The platform allows you to send invoices, track receipts, and manage all your expenses in one place.

On their invoice template service page, they provide their prospective clients with a comprehensive overview of what the company does, and how it can help with any invoicing needs. But, what is perhaps most notable about this page is the call-to-action (CTA). This is the button that tells people to “Create My Free Invoice”. 

The bright and contrasting colour of this button really helps it to stand out against the white background, so people know exactly where they need to click next. Plus, the addition of “Join 24 million people who have used FreshBooks” is likely to instill a sense of FOMO — or fear of missing out — in the people who land on this page. 

Follow FreshBooks’ lead by helping your calls-to-action stand out with bright colors, arrows, and convincing language if you would like to see a boost in your conversions. 

Domo makes it easy for visitors to find the information they need

Domo is a cloud-based software company that provides clients with data insights and visualizations. It essentially arms users with the data they need to make better and more informed business decisions. 

On their service page, you’ll see concise information about what they do. They’ve split up this information, so people can find the details they’re most interested in quickly and easily. Plus, the main points the company wants to get across are front and center, so readers don’t need to go searching for anything. 

This is a really good example of a powerful service page design, especially for brands that have tools with many purposes. It’s always great to have your information in a format that can be easily found and understood by potential clients and customers. You need to make sure potential leads have the best experience with your website, as this will make it much more likely that they’ll stick around to spend their money with you. 

Excel Builders keep things simple (but effective)

Excel Builders is a home construction company that specializes in building custom and energy-efficient homes as well as commercial buildings.

They keep things simple by telling you exactly what they do as soon as you land on their website. There are no questions: they build custom houses, and they’re the best out there. The company also strives to build trust with prospective customers by offering up some social proof straight away — just look at that quote from Forbes Magazine! 

Their service page also provides three different buttons with clearly defined purposes. This makes it easier for prospects to either ask questions, request a quote, or see examples of formerly built homes. 

If you’ve got a business that requires more communication with prospects, this approach is likely to work well for you. Get straight to the point, provide proof that you’re great at what you do, and offer several ways prospective customers can learn more or get in touch. It really can be that simple. 

Loganix addresses a common customer pain point straight away

Loganix is a digital marketing agency that helps other businesses to improve their online visibility and reputations.

The companies’ SEO packages service page does a great job of diving right in and addressing a common customer pain point from the outset. It’s quite common for business owners to outsource certain aspects of their work, only to discover that they still have to micromanage everything. So, Loganix makes it clear that this won’t be the case if you work with them. 

The service page then goes on to cover what is included in the company’s packages, what their pricing looks like, and FAQs prospective customers might have. But, by leading with how the business is going to solve a common pain point, this page draws the reader in before they’ve even had time to learn more. 

Hootsuite uses simple but eye-catching visuals

From scheduling posts to managing customer interactions, Hootsuite is a social media management platform that helps businesses efficiently manage their social media needs. 

The beauty of this service page design is in its simplicity. Hootsuite manages to use simple but effective visuals that attract the attention of website visitors while also engaging them with the content.

What makes this design so powerful is that the visual in itself is very eye-catching, so website visitors will be drawn in. But these graphics aren’t just decorative — they have an informative element to them, too. So, when a reader glances at Hootsuite’s visuals, they’ll get a good idea of what it’s like to use their platform, and how their life will become much easier if they invest in the company’s services. 

Stortford Interiors show off the best of their work

Stortford Interiors’ service pages show exactly what the company is capable of. They specialize in providing services like the supply and installation of drywall, glass walls, and suspended ceilings. They also deal with interior architectural packages and offer specialized services for their clients. 

Merely looking at their service page shows you an example of what they offer, which is very effective as it puts the company’s best work front and center.

If your products or services are visually engaging, use imagery to give people an idea of what you can do. Let them see for themselves so you don’t need to spend extra time convincing them to take action. A service page like this works and will lead more people to purchase your services because they don’t just have to trust your word that you’re great — you can show them. 


Creating great service pages for your website is incredibly important. The returns that you will see from getting your designs right are numerous. It will give you high-quality leads, improve your conversion rate, and give your website visitors a great user experience. 

So make sure that you make an effort to invest in the service page design of your website. And you don’t have to start from scratch. Use all the inspiration that we’ve given you to show people what your services are at first glance, create actionable CTAs, and use eye-catching visuals. 

And if you don’t think you can do it by yourself, don’t be afraid to hire a professional web design service to get it done for you. It saves you time and you can draw on their expertise to create a quality service page design that can help to scale your business. 

Author bio & headshot:

Alex Ratynski is a Content Strategist at Loganix, an SEO fulfillment partner that works with agencies and marketers. The company focuses on helping businesses to improve their online visibility, so they can grow and reach their goals. If you enjoyed this article, visit the Loganix blog for more expert advice. 

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