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6 Web Design Strategies to Encourage Subscriptions

A new proposal from the Federal Trade Commission may make it more challenging to retain subscribers. Fortunately, businesses can leverage web design strategies to funnel website visitors toward subscriptions, increasing their chances of success.

Use Web Design to Incentivize Subscriptions

In 2023, the Federal Trade Commission proposed a “click to cancel” rule. One part of the new proposal restricts pitches after subscription termination requests — meaning companies must immediately accept the cancellation and stop all retention attempts as soon as the subscriber declines to hear any offers. In some cases, this means businesses cannot even ask them to stay.

Business owners should turn to alternative strategies since they may soon be unable to offer incentives to get people to keep their subscriptions. Ideally, they would prioritize attraction and retention. Instead of focusing on reducing subscriber churn at the latest stage possible, they should increase their conversion and retention rates.

Fortunately, web design can improve brand visibility and growth. If you leverage the right strategies, you can dramatically increase your subscriber count and continuously keep them engaged.

How Will Web Design Improve Your Conversion Rate?

Businesses that improve their web design direct customers to their websites, enhance the user experience and improve engagement. Increasing the number of people visiting and the length of time they remain engaged directly translates to higher conversion rates.

How do you funnel customers to your website? Web design strategies are the answer. Prioritizing search engine optimization, content shareability, and navigation simplicity makes your site rank higher in search results and appear in more places, increasing brand awareness.

The same concept applies to engagement. Web design strategies that prioritize the user experience keep people on a website. The longer you intrigue and captivate visitors, the more you will increase your conversion rate.

Still, how do you turn website views into subscriptions? Converting casual or first-time visitors into subscribers can be challenging. However, appealing, seamless web design makes things more straightforward. With the right strategies, you can achieve success.

Web Design Strategies to Increase Subscription Rates

Implementing the right web design strategies will attract new subscribers and help you retain your current ones.

1.   Use a Mobile-First Design

Most people use a mobile device to go online. For instance, around 96% of Generation Z own a smartphone, and more than half spend over 10 hours daily using it. You must appeal to them to increase your subscription rate by adopting a mobile-first website design.

A mobile-first strategy involves building your website’s design around smartphones and tablets before moving to desktops. Optimize your layout for smaller screens, use haptic feedback on button presses or increase font size. Users who can easily read and navigate, no matter their device, are more likely to subscribe.

2.   Showcase Compelling Content

People will only want to subscribe if they are signing up to receive something compelling and exciting. If they know they will enjoy viewing and sharing it, they will want to see it more often. You must produce valuable content to increase your subscriber count.

Enhancing search engine optimization and shareability will increase your brand’s reach and incentivize people to subscribe to you. To do this, you should increase your website’s loading speed, lower your bounce rate, improve readability, implement a site map and use alt text in all images.

3.   Display Comments or Reviews

Testimonials have long been a staple of successful conversion strategies. Websites in one industry achieved a 47% increase in conversion rates after displaying customer praise. Showcasing others’ positive experiences on your landing page will instill a fear of missing out and attract interest in potential subscribers, increasing subscription rates.

To source subscriber praise, consider sending out surveys. Alternatively, you could use public comments, social media endorsements or reviews. This way, you can get genuine, up-to-date feedback to showcase on your website. Best of all, you can use these responses to improve the subscription, further increasing the conversion rate.

4.   Optimize Size and Placement

Where and how you place buttons, menus and interactive design elements determines whether people will click on them. For example, a hamburger menu piques users’ interest, making them more likely to explore your website. You will increase your conversion rate if you draw attention to your subscription.

If subscriptions are your priority, put them at the top of your landing page or under an attention-catching header. Use interactive design elements like dropdown menus or buttons to encourage users to navigate to that page.

5.   Use the Right Visuals

Appealing visuals are integral to successful web design. The graphics, fonts, layout, and shades you choose determine your website’s bounce rate and user engagement. Color influences as much as 90% of a first impression on average, and you can change your style to encourage visitors to subscribe.

Using bold colors, eye-catching fonts and strategic white space to draw attention to your subscription options will subconsciously entice visitors. Your visuals’ subtle emotional and psychological reactions can make them more likely to subscribe.

6.   Keep Webpages Consistent

Consistency is key. Keeping the same branding, layouts and style throughout your website makes your brand easily recognizable. This way, visitors subconsciously build a relationship with your business. When they are more loyal and trusting, they are more likely to subscribe.

The colors and typography you use should remain consistent throughout your website. Additionally, they should be relevant to your brand. For example, a health-related business should use calming shades, accessible sans serif typefaces, and a minimalistic layout on the landing, contact and sign-up pages.

What Else You Can Do to Encourage Subscriptions

You should consider improving your process once you leverage web design strategies to incentivize subscriptions. Even if you consistently rank high in search results and have a fantastic user engagement rate, the only way to secure more subscribers is to make signing up straightforward and your content worth viewing.

Simplifying the subscription process is an easy way to achieve a higher conversion rate. Users crave convenience, so a frictionless, straightforward experience appeals to them. Clearly display your sign-up page and make the process as seamless as possible.

You should also consider tailoring the subscriber experience to each person. Personalization can raise conversion rates by 63%, according to a survey of marketing experts. At the very least, advertising how a subscription builds a custom relationship with them and your brand is a solid strategy.

Using Web Design for Subscriptions Is Beneficial

Adopting new web design strategies to raise your subscriber count dramatically increases your chance of success over time. Attracting more people to your website, funneling visitors into your subscription section, and improving your content’s value will do wonders for your brand’s visibility and reach.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a digital marketing agency before becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and pup, Bear.

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