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4 Professional Landing Pages That Have Our Full Attention

A landing page is the first thing people see and often their initial impression of your business. You have an opportunity to present a professional and unique presence. One of the best ways to learn how to create a professional and unique landing page is by studying stellar examples. You can absorb a lot both from good and poor landing page examples.

We spent hours scouring the internet and getting ideas on current trends as well as examples of excellent websites and landing pages. After careful consideration, we’ve narrowed the choices down to four landing pages we feel you can learn a lot from.

We tried to pull from different industries and focus on different aspects of excellent landing page design. Compare our examples to your landing pages and see what you might tweak to get better results.

How Can You Tell If Your Landing Page Measures Up?

Around 90% of people state color influences their perception of a brand along with factors such as layout and overall aesthetics. How can you tell whether your landing page has the elements needed to convert browsers into buyers?

Some of the things you’ll want to make sure your landing pages have, include:

  • Goal for the page. What action do you want the user to take? Remove anything that doesn’t point them to the objective.
  • Excellent and short headlines. Your headline is often the first thing people see when they land on your page. Make it count. Use action words.
  • Relevant images. A picture can tell a story. What do your visuals say? Avoid stock photos and get personal with your photos.
  • Visually pleasing layout. If your page is too cluttered or plain ugly, you may lose visitors before they dig into your offer.
  • Call to action (CTA). Don’t overlook the power of a strong CTA to convince the user to convert into a lead or customer.

Although landing pages might vary in their look and purpose, ensuring you hit all the elements listed above helps you gain higher conversion rates. Great landing pages are made up of a variety of elements and go through a process that makes them perform better over time.

So, what landing pages topped our list? Study the four examples below to see how your page ranks against top designs.

1. Show the Steps

People are incredibly busy. They may only have a few minutes on a lunch break to visit your site and take action. If you show how many steps they have to complete, they’re much more likely to move forward and understand what’s required. At the same time, keep the steps under five, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Source: https://sunbasket.com/try/90off-sunbasket

Sunbasket lists the steps to get started with their service across the top of their landing page. Each number is inside a circle, which draws the reader’s attention. There are four quick steps. Even the wording to go with each step is short and easy to understand.

2. Perfect Your CTA

Your call to action tells users what the next step is. You have an opportunity to grab attention by placing it above the fold. You should also make sure the button stands out against the background and has language that makes the next step clear to the user. Even where you place your CTA button might impact how well it performs.

Source: https://www.noredink.com

NoRedInk uses contrasting colors of blue and yellow to create a CTA that leaps off the screen. The use of the word “Free” entices people to click because there’s no obligation to try the service. There is a slight shadow to the CTA button that makes it stand out from the blue background.

3. Animate Your Offer

Videos and animation gives your landing page an edge over the competition. The user is immediately thrown into another world. You’ll have a chance to highlight the top features of your product or service in a fun way that shows off your brand’s personality. You can add a full background video or animate specific elements on your page.

Source: https://kippo.com

Kippo uses a cartoon character video to show how the dating service works to help you meet people in your area. The virtual world allows users to create an avatar and interact virtually without committing to ever meeting in real life. Interact with your matches so you can get to know one another better via a game.

By showing what the virtual world they’ve created looks like via their landing page video, Kippo attracts only those users who are truly interested in their product.

4. Offer Something

Create a one-of-a-kind offer to draw users in and encourage them to take action. For example, you might offer free shipping to new customers or a special discount. The offer is up to you based on what works best to convert other visitors into leads. However, it should be something of value to the user.

Source: https://bunkybaby.com

Bunky offers a variety of baby products to make life easier for parents. They place their special offer right at the top of the page. If the user spends $25, they get free shipping.

While there are other CTAs and elements, such as live chat on the landing page, the free shipping offer appears right at the top, where most readers skim first.

Test and Repeat

The best landing pages don’t just happen overnight. You should consistently change and perfect your page, testing each adjustment to see how it resonates with your audience. With a bit of work, you’ll improve conversion rates and make more sales.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a digital marketing agency before becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and pup, Bear.

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